Climacool Cm Shoes Sport Shoes Running Shoes Svart ADIDAS

Designed to maximise breathability the Climacool keep your feet ventilated with its 360-Degree Cooling. Highly energised cushioning through Bounce offers all-day comfort and flexibility for all sports. Highly durable, the outsole offers high-wear durability for even the toughest of runners. adidas. <strong>Cushioning Running</strong> - Dempet framfot og hæl. For løperen som ønsker det ypperste i støtdemping.. <strong>Neutral Running</strong> - For den nøytrale løperen med minimal støtte for pronasjon. Dempet for maksimal støtabsorbering. Fleksibel framfot for bedre kontrol.. Fuktavledende. Pustende design.

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